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If you are facing criminal charges involving an offense which is violent in nature, you are at risk of facing harsh penalties if you are convicted. Violent crimes are often felony offenses and are harshly prosecuted in criminal court. Due to their nature, it can be difficult to communicate or prove a defendant's innocence as many jurors want to side with the victim in the case.

San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, Tylden Shaeffer, is highly experienced in representing clients in the face of serious violent crime charges in Texas. With over 20 years of legal experience as well as 9 years serving as a prosecutor, Attorney Shaeffer understands both sides of the criminal process. He knows what to look for and what strategies the prosecution is likely to use. As such, Attorney Shaeffer is able to provide qualified representation to each of his clients.

Violent Crimes in San Antonio, Texas

Some of the types of violent crime cases that San Antonio criminal defense attorney Tylden Shaeffer takes on include the following:

Defense Attorney for Violent Crime Charges in San Antonio

Facing allegations of a violent crime can happen to virtually anyone. A verbal altercation may be blown out of proportion, or a person may be mistakenly identified as an attacker when he or she had nothing to do with it. A "victim" may make false allegations against another for reasons of jealousy or revenge. Whatever the circumstances of your particular case; get in touch with San Antonio defense lawyer, Tylden Shaeffer, today. With his experience and legal background, he can help defend and guide you through the legal system.

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