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Drug Crimes

San Antonio Drug Crimes Lawyer Mounts an Aggressive Defense

Tenacious Texas lawyer fights possession, distribution and other drug charges

Given that Texas is a major port of entry for illegal drugs from south of the border, Texas authorities are extremely zealous about prosecuting drug crimes. If you are arrested for a drug crime in Central Texas, you must invoke your rights and immediately contact an attorney. But don’t trust your future to just any lawyer. In San Antonio, Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. is a board-certified criminal law specialist with more than 30 years of experience in state and federal court. I have worked as a prosecutor, so I know what goes into preparing a case against a drug crime defendant. I am prepared to aggressively challenge the elements of the case against you and fight for the best possible resolution.

Proven advocate handles a range of drug offenses

A drug crime generally refers to any offense that involves controlled substances. These may include illegal street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana as well as prescription drugs such as Xanax or Vicodin. Specific criminal offenses related to drug crimes that I handle in San Antonio include:

  • Drug possession — Simple possession involves small amounts of a drug presumed to be for personal use.
  • Possession with intent to sell — Slightly larger volumes of drugs carry the presumption that the person in possession intended to sell the product to someone else.
  • Drug distribution and trafficking — When large quantities of a drug are found, authorities charge trafficking, a serious felony with lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.
  • Prescription drug fraud — Certain drugs with valid medical use are still illegal without a valid prescription. Faking a prescription to deal these drugs is a serious crime.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs — DWI does not only refer to alcohol. A person under the influence of a drug, even a perfectly legal prescription, can be charged with DWI.

When the quantities of drugs are large enough, federal authorities including the DEA, FBI and U.S. Department of Justice generally exercise jurisdiction, and the case goes to federal court. Fortunately, I have extensive criminal defense experience in federal court and can ably represent you there.

Factors that determine drug crime penalties

Whether a drug offense is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, and how severe the penalty might be, depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The type of drug — Illicit drugs are listed on Schedules from I to V, with Schedule I drugs (heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine) being the most strictly enforced.
  • The amount of drug — Small amounts of drugs are charged as simple possession, but larger amounts can create a presumption of intent to sell, and great amounts trigger trafficking charges.
  • Whether minors were involved — Drug sales to minors trigger penalty enhancements.
  • Where the offense occurred — Places like public parks and schools are protected zones, so drug crimes committed there receive enhanced treatment.
  • Whether violence or other crimes were involved — Violence or the use of a deadly weapon in a drug crime will bring enhanced penalties.

Prosecutors always look for circumstances that allow them to overcharge an offense, because this gives them leverage to compel a plea to a lesser charge. When I represent you, I can explain these and other tactics and counsel you against taking actions against your own interest.

Drug Conspiracy charges

One should take extra care in choosing a defense attorney when facing federal drug conspiracy charges. U.S. Attorneys rely heavily on conspiracy charges in drug cases. They do this because it gives them many advantages in court. They are able to rely on the testimony of fellow conspirators who are cooperating with the Government and it allows them to bring a wider range of evidence against you–even if you didn’t directly participate in such activities. Choose an attorney with the knowledge and experience to help you when facing federal drug conspiracy charges.

Defenses available to drug charges in San Antonio

Physical evidence (drugs, drug paraphernalia, scales, packaging, fingerprints, DNA, etc.) plays a major role in any drug crime case. However, authorities cannot obtain such evidence through an illegal search and seizure. I challenge police tactics to get drug evidence excluded whenever possible. In cases of possession, the authorities must also prove you had “knowing” possession. This means you knew where the drugs were, and you exercised control over them. If the drugs were in your car or apartment without your knowledge, and someone else exercised control over them, I will fight the charge you face.

Contact a determined criminal defense attorney for drug charges in San Antonio

A drug crime conviction can bring severe and lasting consequences. Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. has the skill and experience to defend your rights and pursue the best possible outcome in your case. To schedule a free consultation, call (210) 227-1500 or contact my San Antonio office online today.

  • "Mr Shaeffer was up front from the beginning, and I respected that. He told me they have a solid case against me. He is a very out of the box thinker, and very organized. He told me the sad reality of" - Nicoli

  • "I found Mr. Shaeffer to be very responsive, effective, and strategic. There was never any doubt in my mind that he had my best interest at the forefront of his efforts in handling my case." - Ron

  • "When you have been wrongfully accused of having an affair with a student, you must acquire legal counsel before you even speak to the police, even if you are the person who reports the rumors. Tylden Schaeffer advised me to not have a second interview with the police department and found time in his schedule to meet with me that day. After the meeting, I had a path to move forward on and that included a well written statement that Mr. Schaeffer crafted. After submitting this in lieu of a second interview with the police, there were no more problems with the school district or police department. Mr. Schaeffer did a superb job and had me resting more easily following our meetings. I would highly recommend Mr. Schaeffer to anyone in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney." - Anonymous

  • "Tylden has been nothing but excellent while representing me. He’s been very upfront, honest, and cooperative with not only myself, but with my family as well. I don’t just feel like a number, he treats you like if you’re his only client. I’d definitely recommend him to anybody I know if they are in need of legal help. 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend Tylden Shaeffer!" - Joel

  • "Mr Shaeffer was up front from the beginning, and I respected that. He told me they have a solid case against me. He is a very out of the box thinker, and very organized. He told me the sad reality of what could potentially be the outcome of my case, and it was dim. However he asked me what i wanted and was creative enough to deliver at an extremely affordable price. He has the knowledge to defend you, and the experience to win. I’m very happy with how he handled my case. His office is also only blocks away from the court house and he is always prompt. I don’t usually write reviews, but Mr. Tylden Shaeffer deserves to be recognized." - Nicoli

  • "When I got charged with my DWI I already expected to go through a long, painful process from the beginning. But, Mr. Shaeffer and his staff made my whole experience quick and easy with their great communication and professionalism. He was always straight forward and I could tell he had my best interest in mind. He made sure I didn’t get charged with “extreme intoxication”, while also reducing my fines and the length of my probation. I highly recommend him to anyone!" - Alex

  • "Mr. Shaeffer is a great attorney , very professional, very nice and is willing to work with you and help u threw any situation u may have or need help with . I recommend Mr. Shaeffer to anyone who needs help with any kind of legal issues or problems. Anyone who has asked me about an attorney i most definitely tell them Mr. Shaeffer and give them his info. Thank you for all your help and everything u have done for me and my family. You are a awesome attorney! Highly Recommend" - Anonymous

  • "Tylden is a fantastic attorney. He thoroughly prepared for my case and did an amazing job of relating to the judge and jury. I highly recommend Tylden. Would recommend to anyone!" - Skyler

  • "Tylden got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor. He saved my life. I didn’t have to pester him for information and updates about my case and his staff is well informed and helpful. He personally attended each and every one of my hearings and was just as concerned about restoring my reputation as I was. He recently got a motion for non-disclosure filed and approved by the judge so I will never have to admit this mistake ever happened. I would recommend Tylden to anyone! He is a highly intelligent and competent attorney. The Best!" - Anonymous

  • "I was represented by Mr. Shaeffer years ago (2004). He would travel from San Antonio all the way to Del Rio to represent me. My father and I were accused of wrong doing by federal agents and we had done nothing. We, my father and I were on trial simultaneously. We had hired an attorney and found out later he was friends with the prosecutor and wanted us to accept a plea bargain. “We did nothing wrong”, I cried to him. He insisted that we accept due to it being impossible to beat the Government. My father and I were close to giving up when we met Mr. Shaeffer. Mr. Shaeffer believed in us and fought for us. Because of him, I never saw prison walls nor was I ever away from my family. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, but thankfully we met a Godsend attorney and justice prevailed." - Anonymous

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