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Probation Violations

Probation Violations Attorney in San Antonio Safeguards Clients’ Freedom

Experienced Texas lawyer battles to help people avoid incarceration

Even a single, minor probation violation could put you back behind bars and threaten your ability to live as you wish. Whether you’ve been assigned to community supervision based on a deferred adjudication decision or as part of a criminal sentence, the result of your hearing could change your life. My firm, Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. in San Antonio, assists individuals who have been cited for probation violations, I will make sure that the court and your probation officer have all of the necessary information about the alleged infraction and your efforts to comply with the terms of your order.

Firm aids people looking to remain in the community supervision program

Within the Texas criminal justice system, probation is referred to as “community supervision.” It can be imposed as part of a deferred adjudication. This means that instead of going on trial for the offense they are accused of, a defendant is given community supervision terms and must report to a probation officer. Should an alleged violation occur during this period, a hearing is held to determine if the probation should be revoked and the individual should be prosecuted for the original crime. In these situations and matters where probation is part of the punishment for previous misconduct, my South Texas firm advocates for clients in cases where they’re accused of:

  • Missed appearances and appointments — Probation gives individuals the chance to stay at home, but it’s critical to remember that while on probation, your schedule remains regimented. Missing a court appearance, failing to show for an appointment with your probation officer or skipping a community service obligation could lead to serious consequences. Often, there are extenuating circumstances that justify the absence, and I make sure that your side is presented effectively.
  • Unpaid fines and restitution — Once a decision is handed down, it can be easy to overlook a fine that is assessed by the court or a payment that you were directed to make to the victim. If you’re probation is at risk of being revoked due to a monetary issue, I’ll work quickly to make proper arrangements.
  • Use of illegal substances — Depending on the nature of the original charge, a failed drug or alcohol test could subject someone on community supervision to serious sanctions. Whatever led to your probation, I am committed to finding the best possible solution for you, which could mean treatment as an alternative to incarceration.
  • Arrests on new charges — Even if your arrest is not supported by the evidence, a warrant might put you back behind bars. As an accomplished criminal defense attorney, I provide comprehensive support for the probation matter and the new charge.

Fighting a motion to revoke probation can seem like an uphill battle. You don’t have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and might not even be offered bail if you’ve been re-arrested. Regardless of the initial allegations against you or the event that triggered the alleged violation, I have the skill and experience to press for a result that preserves your freedom.

Contact a Texas lawyer to schedule a free consultation about a probation violation charge

Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. represents Texans in probation violation hearings and other criminal defense matters. To schedule a free initial consultation about your case, please call (210) 227-1500 or contact me online. My office is located in San Antonio.

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    Mr Shaeffer was amazing with helping my family with an urgent situation during this weekend. His attention to detail and knowledge were incredible. My wife and I were frantic over this situation and Mr Shaeffer was emphatic and patient while simultan...

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    Great to work with, was there and always willing to help.

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    Absolutely amazing and very professional and tentative as well as his secretary she is very polite 1st time needing a lawyer would definitely recommend him. Overall we were very happy with Mr Shaeffer and would diffenithy hire him again.

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    Richard Aguilera

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    He has been amazing throughout the whole process! Giving me all the information I ask for and has been on top of my case throughout its entirety

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    Mr. Tylden is great to work with. Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. Very accessible. Very professional. I highly recommend him.

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    Vicki Riser

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