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White Collar Crimes

San Antonio White Collar Crimes Attorney Provides Strong Counsel

Determined Texas lawyer handles fraud, embezzlement and other financial crime charges

White collar crime is an offense committed in a business or commercial environment, for monetary gain. Most people associate white collar crimes with CEOs, politicians and others in high-profile positions, but  people can be charged with fraud or embezzlement because of innocent discrepancies in business bookkeeping. To defend your freedom and protect your good name, you need capable legal representation. Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. provides determined representation in San Antonio for clients throughout Central Texas, even before charges are filed. If you learn you are the target of a white collar crime investigation, I can begin working immediately to develop a defense committed to the best possible outcome.

Proven advocate defends Texans against a range of white collar offenses

These days, virtually any nonviolent economic crime can be considered a white collar crime. The charges that I most often manage in Texas state and federal court involve charges of:

  • Cybercrimes — Computer hackers who gain access to consumer data and corporate trade secrets can commit identity theft and extortion against companies. Ransomware is a new weapon, which enables a hacker to tie up crucial data until the company agrees to the hacker’s payment terms. If you are charged with an internet crime, I will seek to prove that the acts you’re accused of were either not intentional or committed without your knowledge.
  • Identity theft — This form of fraud involves using personally identifying information, such as a Social Security number, to make purchases, open accounts, or access existing accounts to transfer assets. Identity theft is a widespread problem, and authorities all over the country are acting aggressively to prosecute offenders. I will provide a defense that is just as aggressive.
  • Embezzlement — This is a theft crime committed by a fiduciary who is charged with managing assets belonging to individuals or a corporation. A fiduciary can be held personally liable for any loss in value due to theft or misappropriation. My firm will press for a result that saves you from having to pay restitution or serve time in prison.
  • Fraud — Theft by deception schemes target insurance companies, government programs, corporations, and individuals. Fraud committed using the U.S. mail, the telephone or the internet are charged as federal crimes. If you face fraud charges, you can count on me to challenge the prosecution’s case.
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud — When authorities cannot find evidence that a crime has actually been committed, they can charge conspiracy, which is often the case in fraud investigations. This charge allows the authorities to allege only that there was an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime and that an action was taken to advance the scheme, even if the act was not itself illegal. I defend clients whose innocent actions may have put them in serious jeopardy.

Often, targeted individuals will learn of a white collar investigation before charges are filed and may think that hiring a lawyer will make them seem guilty. Nothing could be further from the truth. By retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney during the investigation, you give yourself a chance to present your side of the story before investigators have fixed your guilt in their mind. When I get involved in a white collar case early, I can protect your rights immediately and can often resolve the matter without charges being filed.

Contact a knowledgeable San Antonio criminal defense attorney for white collar crime charges

A white collar investigation can severely hamper your business operations and expose you to great personal jeopardy. To pursue the best possible outcome, retain a proven defense lawyer as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C., call (210) 227-1500 or contact my San Antonio office online today.

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    Mr. Shaeffer was amazing, he really helped our daughter out and got the best outcome. He was so patient with all our questions and did a great job with explaining everything to our daughter at her level and made her feel much less nervous. We would h...

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    Highly recommend, love his straightforwardness. Mr. Shaeffer was able to answer all my questions with very honest and helpful advice.

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    I strongly recommend Mr. Shaeffer one of the best attorneys he helped my husband with two major case he fought hard and in the end it was a win. Hands down the best attorney to go with

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    Professional, effective, and highly attentive staff. Highly recommended.

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    Mr. Shaeffer is the best attorney

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